An enterprise set for growth

The plumbing company Blechtechnik Marco Pistorius was established by Marco Pistorius in April 2000. The young company started off by producing smaller roofs utilizing a standing seam technique with roof drainage, as well as flat roofs. In the first 5 years, the company and its workforce continued to grow with new challenges, which led to their relocation to a larger production facility at Werkstrasse in 08064 Zwickau followed in 2005.

November 2008 saw the establishment of the limited Marco Pistorius GmbH, another plumbing company registered with the Chamber of Trades in Chemnitz. Besides roof plumbing, the production and execution of facades has now become the company’s main focus, and is offered to public clients and private individuals all across Germany.

The team’s creativity and attention to detail grows with every new challenge, while the expansion of the machine park provides a new space necessary for creative work and material storage facilities - Which is why another relocation will take place in 2011, this time to 10 Gewerbestrasse in 08115 Lichtentanne, where the company can rely upon a larger manufacturing facility with the corresponding storage options indoors and out.

The company is a registered member of the SHK guild.