PLUMBING TRADITION MEETS INNOVATION - We are future oriented, track down current trends, and combine this with the ancient traditions of the plumber’s craft.

These modular houses are the latest product from Blechtechnik Marco Pistorius GmbH
They fulfil the dream of a small house. The potential uses are varied, be it as a home office, summer or garden house, or as a hobby room. The materials are of high quality and visually appealing. All modular houses promise comfort and longevity. They have been developed for people who want to discover, use, and enjoy their breathing spaces in nature. Click here to read more.

Blechtechnik Marco Pistorius GmbH has been successfully pursuing its ambitious quest for innovation and customer satisfaction ever since its establishment.

When it comes to realizing all of the growing tasks and new, creative design and production ideas for metal roofs and facades, the location in Lichtentanne offers excellent conditions. The people that work here are professionals who understand their craft and dedicate themselves to orders large and small with hand and heart. And that’s how it’s been for over 20 years now, lately also throughout Germany.

Be it metal roofing systems made from zinc, copper, aluminium, or coated steel, or the production of facade coverings from composite, pressing plant and metallic materials - Blechtechnik Marco Pistorius GmbH not only fulfils customer wishes in a design sense, but most of all under economic and functional aspects as well.

A passion that is alive and combines classic plumbing tasks and a modern style for facade and roof coverings with an up-to-date metal design. Our latest product, the low-maintenance modular house, reflects all of these aspects of our work.